Documentation Questions

What documents are required for my client to be referred?

Please read the CAS Queue Status Guide for a list of documentation under the Incomplete Documentation section that summarizes the needs for clients being referred to RRH or PSH.


Should I upload this document under Client Files or Document Check?

Use Client Files for things like IDs, SSC, etc. which the client may need in a number of given scenarios. This will allow any HMIS user who can see the client’s record to access their critical documents. Because it is easy to lose track of these types of documents over time, this document management is just one way that we can use ClientTrack to provide additional support to our community.

Use Document Check for documentation of homelessness or disability documentation, especially documents with medical information or diagnosis, as we want to provide as many layers of protection for clients’ information as possible. Since only trained users of CAS have access to Document Check, uploading these documents here allows that extra security. Documents uploaded here also display for CAS Admins to review before referral.


What should I put in the comments section of a document upload? 

Include your agency and the time period for which the document is applicable, especially for documentation of homelessness. If there are multiple documents of the same type (for example, 3rd party letters) for one client, a short label to distinguish the documents from each other is helpful. For example “MDHA – Dallas Library – Apr 2020-May 2020” or “The Bridge – Parkland Hospital – March 2021”. These types of labels in the comments will allow anyone to easily distinguish between documents when there are multiple documents uploaded for a client.

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