Updated on November 1, 2022

Recording Services for a Single Client

1. Navigate to your Clients Workspace and find your client in the system

2. On the client’s Dashboard,

a) Scroll down to confirm that your client has an active enrollment in your program for the date the service will be recorded.

b) In the Services section, click [Client’s] Services

3. The Services page displays all of the client’s services. Use the Add New Service button to record a new service for the client.

4.On the New Service page, select the enrollment this service will be tied to. All services must be tied to an enrollment. Then complete the required fields:

a) Service: choose the service the client received

b) Date: defaults to today, update if backdating

c) Unit: number of these services the client received

d) Unite value: value of 1 of these services, if applicable
NOTE: This can be left at $0.00 if desired. Tracking the value of services in HMIS is part of agency data collection protocols and is not determined by HUD, the CoC, or the HMIS Team.

5. Click Save to record the service.

Viewing Services

A clients’ recorded services can be seen on the Services page.

The client’s Dashboard will also display a list of the most recent services recorded.

Deleting Services

Incorrectly recorded services must be deleted by an HMIS Admin. To request that a service be deleted, please submit a Spiceworks help desk ticket.

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Updated on November 1, 2022