Edit Housing Check-in

Updated on May 18, 2021

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To check a client into a bed or unit, they must have an active enrollment in your program. Immediately after recording a housing move-in date for the client, check the client into the bed/unit. You should not edit the check in dates to a date that is outside of the client’s HMIS enrollment.


Steps to Edit


1. Log in to ClientTrack and navigate to your Housing Workspace.


2. In the menu, click View Facilities then select the Facility where the client is checked in.


Edit from Facilities View


You can edit the check-in from here by right-clicking the client’s name and choosing “Check in”.


Edit from Current Residents Page


3. Navigate to the Housing tab on the menu and click Current Residents.


4. Find the client in the list and click the action arrow next their check in, then choose Edit Check In.


5. Edit the dates and click Save.

Edit Housing Check-in

Updated on May 18, 2021