Paused Workflows

Updated on November 1, 2022

What is a Paused Workflow?

Paused workflows are incomplete assessments. You are likely to create a paused workflow if you begin an assessment (entry, update, annual, or exit) and then navigate away from the assessment, pause or cancel the assessment, click the Back arrow, or log out without completing the assessment. These actions are highly discouraged because paused workflows can result in incomplete data and inaccurate reports.

The HMIS Team recommends that you regularly check your Paused Workflows to ensure data quality by deleting the workflow and reviewing the client’s record.

Managing Paused Workflows

1. Log in to ClientTrack and navigate to your Home Workspace.

2. Open the menu on the left if needed, navigate to the “Profile” menu, and then click “Paused Workflows”.

3. If you have any Paused Workflows, delete them by opening the action menu and then clicking “Delete Paused Workflow”.

NOTE: In the action menu you can also choose to resume or restart the work flow!

4. Return to the Client workspace and review the client’s record to be sure that all assessments recorded there are accurate and up to date.

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Paused Workflows

Updated on November 1, 2022