Date of Engagement

Updated on May 20, 2021



HMIS data element 4.13 Date of Engagement is required for all street outreach, night-by-night emergency shelters and services only programs. End users should refer to the HMIS Data Standards Manual for further understanding. This is an occurrence point data element and should be recorded as it occurs according to the data standards.  Date of Engagement should only be recorded one time per head of household.




Only clients with a Date of Engagement will display on CAPER reports.

Data Quality Reporting for street outreach projects is limited to clients with a Date of Engagement. Review all data elements for accuracy on the Date of Engagement to ensure data quality.


Recording Date of Engagement


Date of Engagement is always recorded in a workflow on the HUD Program Enrollment page of the workflow, and will always display as follows:


If Date of Engagement occurs AT Project Start


You will record this as part of the Intake.

On the HUD Program Enrollment screen, record the Date of Engagement for the Head of Household.


If Date of Engagement occurs AFTER Project Start


1. On the client’s Dashboard, click the action arrow next to the enrollment.


2. Click Update/Annual Assessment


3. Record the Date of Engagement


4. Choose whether this is an Update or Annual assessment. (Most likely, this will be an update assessment).


5. Continue the workflow and get all required information from the client that is accurate and true for this point in time.


6. Work to the end of the workflow and click Finish.


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Date of Engagement

Updated on May 20, 2021