Viewing the CAS Queue

Updated on July 28, 2021

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Users can confirm that their client has been placed on the CAS Queue (digital HPL) after enrolling the client in Coordinated Entry and choosing “Placed on prioritization list” on the last page of the CAS Diversion & Intake workflow.


Steps to View


1. Log in to ClientTrack and confirm your organization is Dallas & Collin Counties CAS. If you do not have access to this organization and feel that you should, please submit a Spiceworks ticket requesting access.


2. Navigate to your Home workspace.


2. In the menu, click Coordinated Access System (CAS), then select CAS Queue.


3. The CAS Queue will display. Note that the clients do not display in priority order. There is currently no way for users to determine priority from this list.

Use the search fields to locate your client(s) on the list. For example, you can search by name or client ID to find a specific client. Or you can search by status to see a list of clients with that status.


Filtering and Sorting



New Filter: Chronic is now also a filter available to all users. If Chronic = yes, only clients with a chronic status will display.

Sorting: A header row with sorting arrows for each column now displays at the top of the queue, allowing all users to sort Client ID, (VI-)SPDAT Score, P-Status, Household Type, Family Count, Referrals Status to be sorted in ascending or descending order.

Viewing the CAS Queue

Updated on July 28, 2021