HMIS Privacy Notice – Spanish

About this Document #

Agencies who enter data into HMIS are required to post this notice in English and Spanish in every room/area that where client data is collected.

Client Consent #

Remember, client consent is not required to enter data in HMIS. If a client requests more information, you should provide them with a printed copy of the MDHA Privacy Policy. All required questions should be asked regardless of whether or not the client wants their data entered in the system. “Client Refused” is an appropriate answer to any question that a client refuses to answer because they do not want their data collected.

For sensitive organizations only:
While sensitive organizations are not required to get clients’ consent to enter data, you are required to get consent to share the data. Complete the Client Consent and Release of Information for each client who agrees to share their data in HMIS. If you are unsure if your organization is a sensitive organization, submit a Spiceworks ticket to the HMIS team for assistance.

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