Green River – Stalled Matches

Updated on July 14, 2023


Green River CAS will show that a match stalled when the time from when the match was sent to when the provider responds exceeds our community’s policy for responding to referrals. As of the date of publishing, our community’s policy asks providers to respond within 10 days.

When the match is about to be considered stalled, a notification will display under the match.

Once the match is stalled, a similar notification will appear stating the date the match stalled.

How to Manage Stalled Matches

Program Managers/designated leads are responsible for responding to matches, including stalled matches. The response options will appear on the Match page once the match has stalled. Respond based on whether the client is engaging or not engaging with services and list the reason why the the match has stalled, or not yet been responded to (accepted or declined).

Stalled Match FAQ

Q: What date do I enter for “client last seen” if the client cannot be contacted or located?

A: If you have made initial contact with the client since receiving the match, list the last date the client was contacted. If you were never able to make contact with the client upon receiving the match, list the referral/match date.

Q: Does due diligence still apply?

A: Yes. The use of Green River CAS to match, prioritize, and refer does not change or affect our community’s due diligence policies.

Green River – Stalled Matches

Updated on July 14, 2023