Project Exit Date

Updated on September 28, 2023

Data Standard Overview

HMIS data element 3.11 Project Exit Date is required for all programs and HMIS project types. This data is used to determine the end of a client’s period of participation with a project. All projects need this data
element for reporting time spent participating in the project.

Each individual client in a household will have their own ‘Project Exit Date’. If one member of a
household leaves the project before the rest of the household, the leaver’s exit date should reflect the
actual day that client left the project.

Different project types use ‘Project Exit Date’ differently, to address the difference in meaning
associated with “ending” residential and service projects.

End users should refer to the HMIS Data Standards Manual for further understanding. This is an occurrence point data element and should be recorded as it occurs according the data standards.

When To Record “Project Exit Date”

Street Outreach Staff has been unable to locate the client for an extended period of time.
Night-by-night Emergency ShelterDay after the last recorded bed night.
Entry/Exit Shelter (ES E/E), Site-Based Residential ProjectsLast day of a continuous stay in the project before the client transfers to another residential project or otherwise stops residing in the project.
Rapid Re-Housing (RRH)After the last RRH service is provided.
Non-Residential Projects Last day a contact was made, or a service was provided.

Common Errors – “Exit Destination Unknown”

This error occurs when an Exit Destination is not entered during an exit assessment. When a client is
auto-exited from Street Outreach or Emergency Shelter N/N programs, this is considered a “valid” error.
However, if an exit interview is completed, a destination should be recorded.

Exit Destination: “Other” is never a valid answer. No Exit Interview Completed is sometimes a valid answer and will populate for auto-exits. You can submit a help desk ticket if you need assistance selecting the correct destination!

Project Exit Date

Updated on September 28, 2023