Housing Referrals Questions

How will we be notified when we get a referral?

ClientTrack will send a notification to your designated CAS Contact via email and ClientTrack notifications. Agencies may need to determine internal policies about how this contact person communicates referrals internally and to whom. Any HMIS user at a given agency can navigate to the incoming referrals page in ClientTrack to see referrals sent to that agency.



Will we automatically get referrals, or will we still need to request them?

Referrals will be pushed based on the available units displaying in ClientTrack for your program’s housing facility. Providers should regularly check clients in and out of units to keep their available inventory accurate and up to date. If units will be taken by clients who are not being referred from CAS, providers should reserve the unit by creating a reservation for the client.



Our housing inventory fluctuates and the number of units we have set up in HMIS may not always be accurate. How do we communicate that to CAS Admins?

MDHA is working on a new process for housing facility setup to alleviate this issue. Until that new process is in place, providers should regularly attend the weekly HPL meetings to communicate directly with the CAS Admins about extenuating circumstances that would cause the inventory displaying in the system to be inaccurate.

Over-referring: The system allows CAS admins to over-refer to a program in the even that a unit will become available soon but is currently full.

Under-referring: The only way for CAS admins to know that they should not refer to available units is for that agency to attend the HPL meetings to communicate the discrepancy in their availability. If a program is consistently “under-referred”, meaning units are consistently being left as “available” in the system when there is no actual availability with that program, the HMIS team may request that those units be taken offline so that the system can be used the way it is intended, and CAS admins can use the available units to know which programs can receive referrals.


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