CAS Incoming Referrals

Updated on December 15, 2021



This page is a review of the process with general instructions. For detailed cheat sheet with step-by-step instructions and screenshots, go to the Detailed Cheat Sheet section below and download the PDF document.


View Incoming Referrals


1. Log into ClientTrack and navigate to your Home workspace.


2. In the menu, click Coordinated Access System (CAS), then Incoming Housing referrals.


3. Find client on the list. You can filter by project or referral result if needed.



Accept Referral and Enroll Client


1. Click the Start HMIS Intake button.


2. Complete intake for your program as usual (see cheat sheet on Entry Assessments for assistance).


3. Record the Referral Outcome.

  • Refer from Provider: “Dallas & Collin Counties CAS”
    • NOTE: Do NOT type this in. Click the magnifying glass. In the search box that appears, leave all fields blank and click Search. Find this provider in the list that appears.
  • Provider Result: “Client Enrolled Into Project”
  • Referral Result: “Successful: client accepted”


Reject Referrals & No Shows


1. Click the Referral Outcome button.


2. Confirm the Result Date.



3. Enter the Refer from Provider using the following steps:

  • Click the magnifying glass next to the field.


  • Leave all fields blank and click Search.
  • Choose Dallas &  Collin Counties CAS


4. Enter the Provider Result, either:

  • “Rejected”
  • “No Show”

Enter the Referral Result.

  • If Provider Result = Rejected, select “Unsuccessful: Provider rejected”
  • If Provider Result = No Show, select “Unsuccessful: Client rejected”



5. Add any comments if needed.

6. Click Save.


Detailed Cheat Sheet

For a detailed version of this cheat sheet with step-by-step instructions on each page, download the document below.

Download document: