Current Residents

Updated on May 18, 2021



The Current Residents page shows a list of clients checked in to your program on a given date. From this page, you have the option to add a new check in, check out a client, and edit their check in.


Viewing Current Residents


1. Log in to ClientTrack and navigate to your Housing workspace.


2. On the Favorites Menu, click Housing, then select Current Residents.


3. Choose a Date. The system will display a list of clients who are checked in on that date. Use the Add New Check In button to record a check in from this page.


About Current Residents Page


Filtering Options


Displays the name of the client checked in.


Check-in and Check-out 

Dates the client was in and will be checked out of the program. A Check-in date is required.



Displays the name of the room the client is checked in to.



Displays the bed number the client is checked in to, if applicable.



Used to mark the client as present or Absent from the bed they were checked in to.


Absent Reason

If marked Absent, a reason is optional and can be recorded to document why the client was absent.


Actions for a Client

With the Action Arrow next to the client, you have the following options:

  • Edit Check In: change the details of this client’s check in
  • Absences: view the client’s instances of absence for this check in
  • Billing: view or record expenses charged to client during this check in
  • Delete Check In: remove all records of this check in
    • NOTE: This option may not be available to all users



Current Residents

Updated on May 18, 2021