We work together with the All Neighbors Coalition to end homelessness in Dallas and Collin Counties.​

Understanding the Issue

What causes homelessness?

Homelessness is a complex issue with individuals, Veterans, youth, and families facing various challenges that cause them to become unhoused. While individualized challenges can cause a person to enter the homeless response system, we know these challenges tend to fall into four specific categories.

What Solves Homelessness?

Rapid re-housing, such as R.E.A.L. Time Rehousing, is an immediate solution for ending homelessness. It has been demonstrated to be effective in getting people experiencing homelessness into permanent housing and keeping them there. By connecting people with a home, they are better positioned to address other challenges that may have led to their homelessness, such as obtaining employment or addressing substance abuse issues. The intervention has also been effective for those traditionally perceived to be more challenging to serve, including people with limited or no income and survivors of domestic violence.

Permanent supportive housing is a proven solution to homelessness for the most vulnerable, chronically homeless people. It pairs housing with case management and supportive services.

Housing Forward has the expertise, partnerships, and resources to lead a system-wide, data-driven strategy to solve homelessness in our community. We work alongside the All Neighbors Coalition, a collaborative of more than 100 partners across Collin and Dallas Counties that directly provides resources and support to individuals, Veterans, youth, and families experiencing homelessness.

How can you help?


Help us amplify the voices of those experiencing homelessness and help citizens find ways to be involved in helping solve this issue.


Help us fulfill their mission of making homelessness in Dallas and Collin Counties rare, brief, and non-recurring.


Volunteers play a critical role in ending homelessness.