HMIS Help Desk – Creating Tickets

About Getting HMIS Help #

You should submit a SpiceWorks help desk ticket anytime you need assistance regarding HMIS or from the HMIS Team. Doing so allows the Housing Forward staff to see that you have placed a request for help, allows us to prioritize all requests, and ensures your request is not overlooked.

Steps to Submit a Spiceworks Help Desk Ticket #

  1. Click here and find your agency name.
  2. When you find your agency on the list, we recommend you save the unique email address for your agency to the contacts in your email and create an email folder specifically for HMIS Help Desk Request.
  3. Open a new email addressed to your agency’s SpiceWorks email address
  4. Describe your request in the email body
  5. Summarize the issue in the title with a few words
  6. Attach a screen shot or document if necessary, being sure NOT to include any client protected personal information (PPI)
  7. Send the email

After Submitting Your Request #

Once your request is submitted, you will receive an email confirming your request has been received by the HMIS Team. We recommend that you create an email folder for HMIS Help Desk Requests and save all confirmation emails and replies. If you wish to follow-up on your ticket or provide additional information, simply reply to the saved email, and your reply is added to your ticket. We will reply to your ticket with updates until the issue is resolved, and these replies will come to you as an email reply.

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