Housing Move-in Date

Updated on August 23, 2023


The following project types are required to record Housing Move-in Date, for the Head of Household only, on the date the client moves in to a unit:

  • Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)
  • PH – Housing Only
  • PH – Housing w/ Services
  • Rapid Re-Housing (RRH)

Housing Move-in Date should be recorded for all clients, whether or not your program provides rental assistance for the unit. ‘Housing Move-in Date’ must be a date occurring on or between the ‘Project Start Date’ and ‘Project Exit

When to Record

This data element is used to distinguish between clients who are housed and clients who are experiencing homelessness, and data recorded here affects how the client is counted in our community’s Housing Inventory Count (HIC).

For this reason, it is important to record the actual date the client moves in, or spend their first night, in the unit. Recording a Housing Move-in Date when the client has signed a lease, or scheduled a move in, without the client actually moving into the unit, can result in data quality errors.

Based on the HMIS Data Standards, there are several scenarios which may occur for a client, and guidance on whether or not to record a Housing Move-in Date in each scenario.

ScenarioGuidanceOther ConsiderationsAssessment Used to Record HMID
Client moves into a permanent housing situation, with or without subsidyRecord the Housing Move-in Date.If the client is not being served by your program, you should also exit the client.Update Assessment
Client vacates a unit and experiences a lapse in shelter or rental assistance, then moves into another unit with the program at a later dateExit the client with an appropriate exit Destination. Enroll the client in the same program with a Project Start Date of the same day or next day after the exit.
When the client moves in, record a new Housing Move-in Date on the second enrollment.
This exit and re-enrollment will only occur if the client is:
– previously moved in
– in need of a new unit
– will experience a gap in rental assistance or stable housing
– still be served by your program
Update Assessment on the new program enrollment
Client moves directly from one unit to another with no lapse in shelter or assistanceThere is no need to exit and re-enter this client or change the Housing Move-in Date.N/A
Client transfers to your program and has already moved into a unitAs you record the Entry Assessment, record the Housing Move-in Date to match the Project Start Date.Entry Assessment

Recording Housing Move-in Date

1. Log in to ClientTrack and navigate to your Clients Workspace.

2. Search for your client in the system. According to the scenarios below, determine whether you will record Housing Move-in Date during an Entry Assessment or Update Assessment based on the scenarios in the table above. In most cases, you will use an Update Assessment, which is what the remaining steps in this guide will show. However, on both assessments, you will find the Housing Move-in Date to the right of the Head of Household’s name on the HUD Program Enrollment page of the workflow.

3. Click the action arrow next to the enrollment in your program and choose Update/Annual Assessment.

4. On the HUD Program Enrollment page of your workflow, record the Housing Move-in Date, then click Save.

5. Continue the Update assessment by choosing “During Program Enrollment (Update) Assessment” and work through the entire workflow for the Head of Household and any family members until you click the button that says “Finish: Close the workflow”.

Housing Move-in Date

Updated on August 23, 2023