Diversion Workflow Guide

Updated on April 6, 2023

This is a custom non HMIS program that only collects the following data elements:

  • Basic Demographics
  • Family Members
  • Program Enrollment
  • Prior Living Situation
  • Current Living Situations

Data quality will not be monitored as part of the quarterly HMIS Data Quality Reports send out.

Steps to Enter a Diversion Assessment

  1. Log in to ClientTrack confirming your workgroup and organization.
    • Workgroup: HMIS Programs
    • Organization: [ Your Agency Org ]

2. In the Clients Workspace menu, select diversion.

2. On the Add or Edit page, select whether you are creating a new client profile, using the current client, or want to search for an existing client profile.

3. Enter or verify all Client information on the Basic Client Information page and click No Changes or Finish.

4. Enter information for all family members on the Family Members page. Check the box next to each family member being diverted. Click Save and Close

4. Select your diversion program from the dropdown.

5. Scroll down and check the box next to the family members to be included in this enrollment. Ensure at least one of the selected family members have “Self” specified as the Relationship to Head of Household. Click Save or No Changes.

5. In the Prior Living Situation field, select the location where your client stayed last night.

In the Current Living Situation drop-down, select the location where your client will be staying tonight. If you select “Other”, please enter details in the “Current Living Situation Detail” field. Click Save.

6. Click Finish.

Diversion Workflow Guide

Updated on April 6, 2023