Landlord Engagement: Calling All Landlords and Property Owners

A comprehensive incentive package is now available for landlords and property owners who will join us in providing safe homes for vulnerable neighbors in our community. We want to support each of you with guaranteed rental income for 12+ months and $1,000 incentive for each signed lease. Our program will pay market rent reliably. We need 500 units for our neighbors by February 28th. Let’s bring our neighbors home, together. 

Participating households come with wrap-around supportive services or case manager with the sole focus of fostering positive landlord and tenant relations and long-term housing stability.

Join our Let’s Bring Our Neighbors Home campaign!


Join Housing Forward for an online informational session on December 13th at 3pm to learn how you can welcome tenants into your community and financial incentives available.

Testimonials from current Landlords in the program:

There is nothing wrong with taking the voucher. These tenants are the same as the folks without a voucher. The people who have the voucher are more inclined to follow the rules than other folks because they are in the program. They also have additional support from case managers, so they have job location support and other support to be successful. These tenants have brought stability to the communities they live in.”

Marques Dragan, Property Owner who works with Dallas R.E.A.L. Time Rapid Rehousing neighbors

Marsha, I love her. She is my go to girl. She is actually #1 on the list of who I call if I have a question or concern. I’ve had a few issues but it’s not at a higher rate than other tenants I am renting to in the community. There are incredible case managers who are working with our neighbors who have been housed. Less 10% have struggled and it’s usually something minor.

Meagan Jones, Property Manager who works with our neighbors in various programs

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