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On February 2, 2023, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced a first-of-its kind package of resources to help communities implement a coordinated approach to ending unsheltered homelessness. The national award totaled nearly $315 million, of which the All Neighbors Coalition received $22.8 million.

What is the $22.8 Million Unsheltered grant?  

On February 2, 2023, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) aimed at helping communities address unsheltered homelessness. The national award totaled nearly $315 million, of which the All Neighbors Coalition of Dallas & Collin Counties received $22.8 million, which was the 3rd highest award in the nation.  

How and where will the funds be allocated in Dallas and Collin counties? 

This historic funding allows our homeless response system to expand Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), which is affordable housing connected to wrap around services, and Diversion interventions, which prevent people from becoming unsheltered.  These tools are part of a broader strategy for tackling unsheltered homelessness and support large scale encampment and coordinated outreach efforts which create pathways into these housing solutions.  

How did the awarded organizations apply for funds? 

HUD’s CoC Unsheltered Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) was governed by the same strict regulations as HUD’s Annual CoC NOFO competition. All Neighbors Coalition was required to run a local funding competition following a timeline of events.   

  • The All Neighbors Coalition approved the HUD CoC Ranking Policy on August 15, 2022, which draws on All Neighbors Coalition and HUD priorities for ending homelessness and directs how all project applications must be evaluated, scored, ranked and selected for funding.   
  • On August 10th an announcement for the funding opportunity was made via social media, email and website  
  • Agencies were invited to a NOFO Project Orientation on August 16, 2022 
  • Agency applications for the local request for proposal (RFP) were due on September 14, 2022 
  • Projects were ranked by an independent review committee (IRC), which is made up of organization representatives, people with lived experience, and city staff from across Dallas and Collin Counties.  
  • The final application, with selected nonprofit providers, was reviewed and voted on by our All Neighbors Coalition Board and submitted to HUD in Fall of 2022.  

Who made the decisions for where the funds will be spent? 

The All Neighbors Coalition undertook months of planning with the Street Outreach Leadership Workgroup, PSH Workgroup, PSH Supportive Services Workgroup, Executive Council, and the Lived Experience Coalition to discuss effective strategies for reducing unsheltered homelessness. This includes determining how HUD funding could be used to leverage other public and private dollars to strengthen our collective impact across Dallas and Collin Counties. All Neighbors Coalition recommended annual funding priorities, and subsequently the Board approved the annual CoC Ranking Policy (as stated above).  The ranking policy, as required by HUD, directs how all project applications must be evaluated, scored, ranked and selected for funding  

When will the funds enter our community? 

The All Neighbors Coalition is awaiting additional information from HUD about when grant agreements will be administered. The announcements for funding occurred on February 2, 2023, but the anticipated funds were not physically distributed on that day. It is anticipated that funds will be received from HUD to all selected organizations in the Fall and selected projects will begin operation in late fall. Permanent Supportive Housing Projects will receive funding directly from HUD to administer projects. Systemwide Diversion funds will be granted to Housing Forward to be granted out through a local competition on behalf of the All Neighbors Coalition. We will be keeping the community updated on the information as it is received. 

Organization- How can I find out about future funding opportunities? 

When there are new funding opportunities for our community, Housing Forward publishes the opportunity to the All Neighbors Coalition via email, newsletters and we share the information broadly on social media. The best way to stay connected to funding opportunities is to become a member of the All Neighbors Coalition and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: https://housingforwardntx.org/all-neighbors/ 

Individual/Family-How can I access help from these funds? 

We encourage neighbors who need housing to call the Homeless Crisis Helpline at 1-888-411-6802 to receive a connection to housing resources that matches your needs. 

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