Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (MDHA) is now Housing Forward. Over the past year, MDHA has completed a full rebranding process in our effort to better represent all the people and communities it serves. 

“Housing Forward is committed to the work of ending homelessness. We continue to work on creating and maintaining system-wide strategies for ending homelessness while centering the voices of those with lived experience and prioritizing racial equity.”

Joli Angel Robinson, President & CEO of Housing Forward. Tweet

Founded in 2002 to serve as a collective voice for homelessness in Dallas and Collin Counties, Housing Forward employs its expertise, partnerships, and resources to lead a system-wide, data-driven strategy to solve homelessness in our community. Housing Forward works together in collaboration with the All Neighbors Coalition. The All Neighbors Coalition comprises more than 100 partner organizations across Dallas and Collin Counties that provide resources and support directly to individuals, Veterans, youth, and families experiencing homelessness. “In Dallas and Collin Counties, we have an abundance of service providers with expertise and a heart for serving our unhoused neighbors. Housing Forward works alongside our providers to solve homelessness and ensure every person in our community has a home,” said Sarah Kahn, Chief Program Officer of Housing Forward.  “Our new brand embodies the renewed sense of purpose, energy, and commitment to our unhoused neighbors and homeless system service providers.” 

Ashley Brundage, All Neighbors Coalition Board Chair said, “The All Neighbors Coalition includes the key leaders in our homeless response system who are committed to ending homelessness in our communities. We know that in order to end homelessness all neighbors need a safe home, and this coalition includes the right partners to make that happen.”

“Our homeless response system has undergone a complete transformation; we are housing more people faster than ever, and our new name represents a system working with forward momentum to house our neighbors more effectively,” said Peter Brodsky, Housing Forward Board Chair.  “Through the Dallas R.E.A.L. Time Rapid Rehousing Initiative, we are leading the nation to show that when public and private sectors work together, we can accomplish big things. Housing Forward represents the new, more effective, collaborative approach we hope to continue to foster in our community. Together, we can solve homelessness.” 

Housing Forward is focused solely on ending homelessness. By utilizing an inclusive, informative, and strategic approach to messaging its mission, Housing Forward honors the humanity of those experiencing homelessness, advocates for the issue of solving homelessness, and invites others to learn more and take action. Ms. Robinson concluded, “Together, we can solve homelessness and create a community where every person has a safe and stable place to call home.”

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