All Neighbors Coalition and Housing Forward Reaches Next Milestone, Successfully Housing 2,700 Unhoused Neighbors

Housing Forward’s administration of the R.E.A.L. Time Rehousing program is transforming the way the region responds to homelessness with great success.

Dallas, TX – Today, Housing Forward and All Neighbors Coalitions are pleased to announce that
after launching the R.E.A.L. Time Rehousing initiative in October of 2021, the effort has rehoused 2,700 (and
counting) of our neighbors experiencing homelessness. This initiative is housing individuals faster than before. The
success of the work accomplished has been possible through the private and public partnerships that served to
eliminate inefficiencies and overcome obstacles in real time.

R.E.A.L. Time Rehousing continues to rely on support from our private and philanthropic community for flexible
funds to ensure we can remove all barriers to housing. The success would not have been possible without the
Funders Collaborative, a group of private funders led by the Meadows Foundation who made initial investments in
system transformation and helped us partner private dollars with one time public dollars from across the region to
launch this $72 million transformative initiative.

The success of this program is having a big impact on reducing the number of unhoused neighbors in the Dallas
region and on the amount of dedicated federal resources the region receives to sustain and expand these efforts. In
the first year of the initiative, chronic homelessness decreased by 32% and unsheltered homelessness by 14%. The
next Point-in Time (PIT) count conducted in January 2024 will reveal the full extent of this strategy. Over the last
year, the All Neighbors Coalition has been awarded an additional $36.4 million in new federal funding, resulting in a
70% increase in annual funding going forward. As a result, the All Neighbors Coalition and Housing Forward will
continue their accelerated rehousing efforts and have set the next milestone at 6,000 individuals by 2025.

“The R.E.A.L. Time Rehousing initiative is a game-changer. Today we celebrate an accomplishment that has been
years in the making. We are grateful to the private funders, our Housing Forward team, the homeless response
system, and our incredible direct care service providers in the R.E.A.L. Time Rehousing initiative who have made this
success possible,” said Joli Angel Robinson, CEO of Housing Forward.

This progress would not be possible without the direct care service providers who participate in the All Neighbors
Coalition, but specifically those involved with the R.E.A.L. Time Rehousing Initiative. “The R.E.A.L. Time Rehousing
Initiative gave us an incredible opportunity to reduce homelessness in our community and it is producing results. The
City of Dallas will continue to invest and support solutions that are proven to reduce homelessness in our city,” said
T.C. Broadnax, City of Dallas City Manager.

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